We take an interest in different ways in a number of mission partners both locally and internationally. We pray for all of these regularly, especially at our monthly ‘mission focus’ prayer meetings. In addition, we support some of these missions and/or workers financially, whether by regular giving or occasional collections. Steve Whitmarsh and the mission committee co-ordinate this area of church life.

As well as supporting Baptist Missions, working in Ireland, Peru and Europe, we aim to support youth ministry through Child Evangelism Fellowship (with Stephen & Grace Chambers) and Scripture Union Northern Ireland, literature work through Wycliffe Bible Translators, relief efforts through Adopt A Child (with Scott & Shirley Ballantine), the persecuted church through Open Doors and Barnabas Fund, and evangelism in the Muslim world through Frontiers Ireland.

We also take an interest in Tell Romania, through members Hamilton and Shirley Moore, European Christian Mission through Eric Chambers, and various other members’ mission interests.

Baptist Missions


Adopt A Child


Open Doors

Barnabas Fund



Tell RomaniaECM